Siena's Immersion and Cultural Exchange Programs


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Immersion and Cultural Exchange Programs

Arnhem Land Immersion

Year 9, 10 and 11 students have the opportunity to participate in an exciting and enriching immersion program in the Northern Territory. The experience is based on a commitment to social justice that is central to the Dominican charism. It is integral to this immersion that students learn about the culture, values, beliefs and traditions of Aboriginal Peoples, listen to stories and take the time to reflect on our commitment to reconciliation.

Cultural Exchange Program


Students studying Chinese in the senior year levels have the opportunity to participate in a Chinese cultural immersion experience. Students travel to China and visit historic and cultural attractions in cities such as, Beijing and Shanghai. They visit schools and live the Chinese culture they have been studying about in the classroom. Traveling to China broadens students鈥 minds and enhances their academic studies.


Senior students studying VCE French have been travelling to France for many years. The students spend six weeks in France being hosted by a French family and attend a local school with minimal contact with other Australian students. Fostering links with families overseas provides an invaluable bridge to the joy of new friendships, whilst reinforcing the purposeful study of languages.


Students studying Italian in Years 10 and 11 are provided with the opportunity to take part in an overseas study experience. They visit Italy鈥檚 major cities including Rome, Florence and Venice and live first hand the Italian culture they have studied about back in Melbourne. They attend a language school for foreigners and focus on improving their communication skills. Visiting historical and tourist attractions, as well as living in an Italian city expose the students to the Italian way of life.